My Horses

I ride horses, a lot.  I have way too many of them, I think if there was such a thing as “horses anonymous” then I would be attending weekly meetings!  When my daughter was little, I bought her a pony called Dougal.  Convinced that she would follow in my footprints, also that her loving horses as much as me would make it easier for me to spend more time with them.  I would saddle up her tiny shetland pony, pop her on its back and set off on long walks with my poor daughter, wearing a helmet a few sizes too big, looking a little mushroom like, jogging along behind me.

I was waiting for the day we could ride together up and down country lanes.  Alas, it was never to be.  She tried hard and was actually getting quite good, when I pushed it all a little too far and entered her into a gymkhana.  All was going well until Dougal, who by this time was more than a little fed up of jogging up and down the arena, for what seems to him, to be for no reason at all.  Decided he had had enough, put his head between his front feet and unceremoniously threw her off into a small heap.  I have to say I was very impressed with the way she just hopped back on board.  But the next morning she announced her horse riding days were over, so that was that, I never could get her interested again.

However,  I cannot say the same for me, I have had my feet squashed more times than I can remember, fallen got back up, spent hour upon hour up to my knees in mud with sick horses, thrown from the back of runaways and spent my fair share of time in a hospital bed and wheelchair!   So what did I do as soon as I could walk again, got right back on of course.  I am totally hooked, I will ride until I find it impossible to climb up the mounting block, or until I can’t get off, what a way to go, stuck on the back of one of my favorite animals, the horse.

Goats and such

Ever heard the phrase, it’s like trying to herd a bunch of goats!  Well maybe not, but you get the picture, I have spent the day trying to get four goats, (small Nigerian Dwarfs) and one pig, from one paddock to another, not an easy task, tried coaxing, pushing, grabbing horns and pulling, holding tempting titbits just out of their reach.

I even dropped a trail of breadcrumbs, but they ate that, then ran off.  However, I did finally get them into their new home, which made me feel good, until, I looked around and they were behind me, (escaped out from under a stall door), make a mental note, next time get bigger goats, they are probably easier to contain.

Hello world!

Hello world of blogging, today my cat is high!  not high in a tree, or high off the ground, but high, as in pot high.  The reason for this, he has just come back from the vet’s, not on his own you understand, but assisted by a person in a car, he made his way back to the comfy spot he calls home, in the corner of my living room, he’s a little out of it at the moment, but hopefully, as the day goes back and the drugs wear off, he will get back to himself.  Do I need to make sure he is not hooked ?  probably not, as I expect that access to illegal drugs is a little difficult when your outlook on the world, is from 8 inches off the floor and the only language you speak is cat.