Communicating via Lipstick

It was my anniversary the other day, shame upon shame I totally forgot about it, but my other half did not! Scrawled across the bathroom mirror in one of my most expensive lipsticks was a huge heart, the words I love you, and look under your pillow!

Now I know you are thinking, lucky girl, how romantic, wish my other half did things like that.  So why am I complaining, well apart from the lipstick being Dior, costing a small fortune, and now being smushed in the tube so much as to be  totally unrecognizable as a beauty product, there is the mirror!

Easy, quick wipe with a bit of soap and water and it’s gone right? Um, well, yes and no, it’s gone from the mirror, but is now firmly established on my almost new hand towel, plus the bit that slipped off the mirror and ended up on the bathroom wall is definitely here to stay.

The first time we communicated by lipstick, it was fun, early love, fresh blooming and all forgiving, plus we were younger, my lipstick was normally a Walgreens special on sale, and it was cute and romantic to have to put on make up looking through a huge heart and ‘love you baby’ scrawled across the bathroom mirror.  At one point messages were appearing daily and I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world, but as time rolled on, lipstick as a communication tool started to loose its appeal.

Texting is far far simpler, always gets read, and responding is simple, hearts, emojis, gifs anything you like can be easily sent to express your feelings, plus texting always provides more room for words than a mirror.  For some inexplicable reason, when communicating via lipstick, the heart and I love you, is always huge, so there is little room for anything else, except maybe the random cross kiss at the bottom.

I used to try to reply in the same format, but there is very little in a man’s bathroom cabinet that can be used to write with, toothpaste I discovered slides south throughout the day, and shaving foam only has a life span of about three minutes. So if the message is not read early in the morning by dinner time it could mean literally anything, and for the life of me I couldn’t bring myself to use one of my carefully chosen lipsticks.

We have grown rapidly as a technologically advanced species and amongst us are some that are totally paperless, but deep inside my other half there must be some primal urge to write something down and his chosen media is mirrors.  I have given this much consideration and have two theory’s, one that the urge to write a brief note scrawling across a mirror in huge lipstick letters is extremely satisfying and quells his urges, and the other that writing more than eight letters at a time is too time consuming.




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