Looks like Texas again!

Well it looks like I am headed back to Texas again, not, may I add, my choice!!!  We are actually headed to Nashville, which is no where near Texas, which brings me to my present quandary!  Why oh, why, do I have to go to Dallas in order to get to Nashville?  I had a great little flight booked, 1.20 mins from Fort Myers to Charlotte then a quick hop over to Nashville.

But, for some reason only know to the people at United Airlines, who seem to have lost their grip on reality, our flight was cancelled, well not exactly cancelled, they just changed the flight number and made it arrive three mins earlier. However, in doing this they sparked off an alarm in the system, which immediately called every person booked onto the Charlotte flight and told them their flight was cancelled!

Needless to say, me and my flying fear were put onto high alert, I called the airline only to be told, it has not been cancelled, not convinced I called back and was told yes, it’s cancelled then promptly got cut off, I called back, another operator, no it’s not cancelled!!!  AArrrgghhh!  Frustrated I left it to be sorted out by others with less of an emotional interest in which plane I should pick to climb aboard.  Finally, we got our new flight, you guessed it, TEXAS!

So I am headed back, but only to stop over, have a quick cup of coffee, buy a Texas T-shirt and hop back on another plane to Nashville.  Total flying time for this hop skip and jump which should have been less than three hours total, is now over 5 hours!  I am saying nothing more, if I do I will need more zanex!

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