Things really are bigger in Texas! Well some of them.

It really is true! Texas does do things bigger!  Not everything, but for sure some things. I just returned from my first, probably not my last, trip to Texas, before  I did  I  thought I was about to visit the state of braggers, but, having been there, I think Texas actually does have something to brag about.

The reason for my trip was horse related, so most of my experience in the longhorn state, was biased towards the western way of life.  My first trip to a tack shop, or should I say tack superstore, simply took my breath away.  I have never, ever seen so many saddles in one place, at least not without people sitting on them.  Row up on row of saddles of all shapes and sizes met me as I walked through the door at Cavenders.  Once I got over the shock of seeing so many, I found there was another room with the same amount just through a small door.

Not only are there acres of saddles, but they are stacked one on top of the other, so for sure  tack  is one thing that Texas does big!   Steaks are the other, I am borderline vegetarian, so I didn’t actually order one myself, but from the size of the steaks that arrived on my friends plates, I think I really do have to give the award for the biggest steaks to Texas as well as the saddle  award.

Interstate junctions is another award I would like to hand over. For a moment as we drove into Fort Worth, I wondered if we had ended up on a theme park ride by mistake!  Lane upon lane of traffic, weaving around, over and under, curving through the sky beats spaghetti junction in Birmingham England hands down.

One thing however, I was not prepared for was finding the biggest heart, I think that award, although not to be given to all Texans, has to go to a small ranch we stopped at on our way into town, I seriously don’t think I have ever been greeted, with such warmth, or given food and drink from people I have never met before as I stepped down from our truck.  Not only did these good people feed us dinner, they were there at the crack of dawn with coffee and breakfast to send us on our way, not for money, just out of the kindness of their hearts.  I am sure there are many many more things that are bigger in Texas, which is why I need to go back to check out what they are.

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