I think I have the flu!

I’m not sure but I have all the symptoms, achy bones, an invisible elephant sitting on my chest and a rubber band around my larynx.  Also as soon as I stand up my sympathy flies out to high wire walkers, keeping one’s balance is not easy.   I refuse point-blank, however, to accept any type of antibiotic.  Funny thing is, when I am lying down my brain seems to work fine, but as soon as I try to stand up all I can think about is lying down.

I have actually been quite productive over the last couple of days of proneness!  My fingers do not seem to have been affected by the malady from which I am suffering.  Hence, with my Mac propped up on a pillow I have been able to work on things I never have time to do, I tidied my filing system, got rid of all my “friends” I have never heard of on Facebook, changed my screen saver and I have probably been inadvertently slimming as well.   It’s a busy life being sick, I can’t wait until I am back up on the high wire, not searching for my bed.

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