If you’re flying on the 6th March, watch out for the crazy lady.

I have been putting this off for, hmm, probably a few years now, every time I think about visiting my family, I seem to find better things to do, excuses, diversions, vitally important to the health of the world things.  Then as the time comes, when I should have been leaving, I frantically scan newspapers, listen to news coverage that I usually totally ignore and find myself watching the sky.  As normal, everything just goes on, all those people who booked the seat on the numerous flights that I should have been on, are all ok, living their lives, seeing the world and their families.  Whilst I sit and fume that I did not have the guts to get on the plane.  I have acutely stopped a few of them taking off in my time, accusing unsuspecting bystanders of being terrorists, or watching the engineers out of the airport window, knowing deep in my heart that they left a spanner in the works.  I did once get help, a hypnotist taught me how to relax and by a series of tapping various acupuncture points all over my head and neck, humming and rolling my eyes from side to side, it did actually work, for a while.  The therapist is long gone as is the little piece of paper I wrote the tapping instructions on, so now, I am back to pills, they work, but I feel bad the next day.    So, if you’re flying on the 6th and you happen to see a blonde lady frantically tapping the top of her head whilst humming a meaningless song, please, just look the other way, or if you have to look at me, then smile, if you frown I will think you have a gun and we could both end up missing our flights. I would be happy, but you probably would not.

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