So I told someone I was really busy the other day, they said they were too.  So what is busy, is it when you have a job to go to which you leave at 5pm, the go home and cook for the family, or is it when you have a pile of ironing as high as the laundry room ceiling, that everyone else seems to be able to walk right past as if it was none existent!  Or maybe it’s a combination of  all of the above.

Well next time you think you are busy, take a moment and think about my busy.   What I have done today, walked the dogs, ridden two horses, mucked out and fed seven horses, walked the dogs, had a shower, painted the remaining five kitchen cupboards, (I have another eight left to go), gone to work, shopped on the way for adaptors and computer stuff, followed up lead, etc, (which is the easy bit in the middle of the day), got home painted the cupboards again, did the washing, ran out the laundry, walked the dogs, painted more cupboards, picked up a horse trailer, fed the horses, brushed five of them put them into the trailer and now I am going out to relax and ride….

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