Its that time of year again.  Halloween, has just passed, bags full of candy sit temptingly inside any house that has children under the age of 14 in it.  Cobwebs and ghosts hang sadly from trees, foam headstones stand in lines marking graves that never existed.  Pumpkins, that once had smiling faces, or toothless grins site sadly on doorsteps, starting to rot, their heads now a little lopsided.  Snow starts to fall in the far north. Then all of a sudden, there are turkeys and autumn wreaths hanging on doors, large bushels of corn , bales of hay marking the entrance of our homes. Piles of brightly colored gourds siting on kitchen countertops, here and there the odd pumpkin survies, probably due to the cold weather.  Before long its Christmas, holly wreaths, christmas trees, lights hung from anything that does not move, (especially on my neighbors house which rivals the fourth of July fireworks), snowmen with carrot noses, little children trying to sleep with one eye open, carols playing in all the grocery stores, santas with beards slightly misfitting, giving children hope that they will get their Christmas wishes and find their yearned for toy at the bottom of the tree on Christmas Day.  The snow still falling, making it hard to get out and collect all the decorations from these close together seasons.  In the spring the snow melts,  pumpkins, bales of hay and christmas decorations appear from their frozen homes, and we smile, memories coming back of Hallowthanksmass past and hopefully the many Hallowthanksmasses to come.

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