Me and Mac

I have to say I love my Mac!   I am a real Apple freak, everyone in the office is always telling me I should get a pc, so I can be on the same page as everyone else.  However, I just sit there and smile, my Mac is always up and running, no viruses, not slow lag time, no problem anytime and that’s been that way for the past five years.  However, in the office, things are a little different, all my pc buddies have at least one problem a week, I sit there working away, while they are under their desks trying to put all their wires in the right slots, re-booting this, downloading that, sometimes it goes on for hours.  They look across and grimace, a look that says, “if you didn’t have a Mac, this wouldn’t have happened to my pc”   What can I say, I’m a Mac. 🙂

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