Sitting in Cars

I am trying to remember what happened today, I know I took someone for an appointment, then I went outside and sat in my car! The appointment was for an hour, which I originally thought was an extremely long time to sit and twiddle my thumbs. But, it vanished! into thin air, one moment, there I am settling down in the front seat, air conditioning blowing on my toes, (it’s hot here all year round), then the next moment, he’s back, knocking on the locked car door.

I distinctly remember, sitting down, turning on the air, checking my messages on my smart phone, but then its all a blank, gone, lost, no memory of anything important, its a little worrying actually, I may be getting senile dementia! Its always been a bit of a worry that I may, one day go that way, but I had expected it to be a little later along in my life span. So, I walked out of the door, went to the car, got in sat down, turned on the air, checked my messages, then, Oh, I clicked on FB, that’ where it went!

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