The trouble with keyboards!

Keyboards can be trouble, they may look unassuming, loafing there on your desk, casually sitting in front of the computer screen, or sometimes attached at the hip to a smaller (best friend) screen.  But, beware, these little flat alphabetically challenged pieces of plastic are on a mission, to either befuddled your brain, or to cause untold damage to your hands, particularly your wrists!  I used to think that the keyboard was a wonderful invention,  (especially after gleefully watching a considerable quantity of huge clanking typewriters being thrown into  dumpsters).  After pounding with considerable force on the upright keys of the pre electric machines, the slim, quiet and low slung style of keyboard seemed like the answer to every writers dream, no more having to worry about making a mistake and going back over it with white out, you could simply, delete and all the words would disappear, without ever having hit any paper, (think of the trees we have saved over the years).  However, I digress, the keyboard is not all that it seems, first of all there was carpal tunnel, causing pain in your wrist that at times, became quite painful, they then made angled keyboards, (I find that these can only be operated by those with angled hands) I never quite got the hang of them, then they came up with little squishy mats to help keep your hands in the proper position, sounds like a good idea, but mine made my hands too high, causing un-realistic stretching of the digits to touch the keys.  Why I am complaining today, probably, because I have just stopped after seven hours straight attached to my own particular piece of plastic, I have no doubt, achieved a lot today, more than I would with the old machines, but with the old machines, common sense would have prevailed and I would have stopped typing a long time ago!  I think the answer is to talk to my computer, but unfortunately, being English, my wonderful Mac, pretends to be deaf whenever I say anything eloquent, things like, “the cat sat on the mat” don’t seem to be too much of a challenge for it, but I have run out of two and three letter words to practice with.    I think I am going to go out to the chicken pen and choose a nice large feather and see if writing with that is really as romantic as it looks in the movies.  Hmmm, I guess I am going to have to find some wax to seal the envelope with as well, could be a challenge especially with my hands hurting like they do, next week I will probably be complaining about wax burns.

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